Experienced interpreters for all your events

 We provide you with qualified conference interpreters, for simultaneous interpreting (in pairs, in booths) or consecutive interpreting (next to the person whose words are to be translated, the interpreter talking while the speaker pauses). Interpreters can do conference interpreting or liaison interpreting (relaying what two people or a small group of people are saying to one another).

 We can deliver all possible language combinations and we can advise you on the technical resources to be set up (booths, headphones, consoles, etc.).

 Our main concern remains the quality of the exchanges for the participants at your events.

The types of events for which we can provide interpreters

  • Festivals and meetings for the general public
  • Seminars, master classes, board meetings
  • Factory visits, conferences, congresses, contract signings, meetings
  • Round-table discussions and consumer meetings
  • Trials, and appointments with notaries

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Traduction et interprétation toutes langues : français, anglais, espagnol, italien, portugais, brésilien, allemand, polonais, néerlandais, flamand, tchèque, hongrois, grec, roumain, bulgare, russe, chinois, japonais, arabe...

Translation and interpreting for all languages: French, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, German, Polish, Dutch, Flemish, Czech, Hungarian, Greek, Romanian, Bulgarian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, etc.


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